Hello and thank you for visiting my website. After 8 years of bleaching my clothing in a microbiology lab, I decided to follow my passion and learn a thing or two about computer programming.

This website serves as a showcase for my Data Science work (mainly using R and Python). Currently, I am creating a Visualization of Arlington, Virginia’s bike usage during Covid-19. The ‘Notes’ section of my website serves as a repository of random how-to’s, like fixing bluetooth connectivity on a Garmin watch or creating an image of a Raspberry Pi.

Like a lab notebook, I record my methods on this website not only for my future reference, but in the hope that my work will be replicated, validated, and expanded on for the benefit of all. However in reality, it was just a few months ago that I learned to print(‘Hello World!’), so ‘for the benefit of all few’ is more likely ;)

Please send any comments or inquiries to mail.nathansprojects@gmail.com